Our kitchen is open Tuesday to Thursday from 4 p.m.-Midnight, Friday from 4 p.m.-1 a.m. and Saturday & Sunday from 9:00 a.m.-1 a.m. We serve our brunch menu on weekends from 9:00 a.m.-2 p.m.

Our menu features European and American inspired dishes made with fresh Northwest ingredients. Our Head Chef Dana Lundin sources ingredients from local and regional farms and growers whenever possible. Because of this our menu will vary as the season progresses. We prepare virtually all of our sauces, stocks, charcuterie, pastas, baked goods, pickled fruits & vegetables in our kitchen daily. The remaining ingredients are sourced from small producing artisans. Through this approach we aim to honor the public house traditions of yesteryear.

You can check out our current menus here:

Liege Style Waffle
Yeast Risen, Crispy Sweet Belgian-Style w/ Pearl Sugar $5

Belgian Chocolate Torte
w/ Kriek Bier Poached Cherries, Chocolate Ganache, and Whipped Cream $7

Bier Ice Cream
Delicious ice cream made from scratch $5

Bread Pudding
House baked, spiced bread puddin w/ whipped cream $5.50

House preserves, bacon, or bier ice cream $2
Fresh whipped cream or chocolate sauce $1

Available Weekdays 4-5:30 & 9:30-close
Saturday & Sunday 2-5:30 & 9:30-close

$2 minimum beverage purchase required

$3 Caves Saison & .75 off all other Draft, Wine, and Bourbon

Pommes Frites
House cut and twice fried. $2.50

Pork Belly Taco
Dry roasted pork belly, minced onion, green sauce. $2.75

Small Farmstead Salad

Candied Hazelnuts
Freddy Guy’s hazelnuts. $3

Deviled Pickled Duck Egg
Pickled Winn Farms duck egg, bleu cheese, and crispy prosciutto. $1.50

Daily Flatbread
Fresh baked with today’s toppings. $5
Add bacon $1.25

Bier Bread Pretzel
With bier cheese sauce. $3.75

Painted Hills Burger *
Oregon raised beef with lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo on our toasted bun. $8

Pork Burger
Carlton Farms’ ground pork served on a toasted bun with all the fixings. $7.75

Pickle Plate
House pickled vegetables with bread and cheese. $5.25

Industry Night Sundays 9pm -1am
Show your OLCC or food handler’s card for
$2 Caves Saison when available & $1.50 off Kill the Keg Pours
24oz Industry Cans $2

*These items are cooked to order and may be served raw or undercooked. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.

Served from 9:00am-2pm on Saturdays & Sundays. For Brunch reservations call (541)286-4473 or email


Spiced Apple Fritters
Cinnamon, clove, ginger, and nutmeg spiced apple fritters with maple glaze
2 for $3 or 6 for $5

Chicken & Waffle
Fried Draper Valley chicken, a Belgian-style waffle, and caramelized onion gravy
one piece $10 two piece $15

Southern Benedict *
Southern-style buttermilk biscuit, poached Winns Hatchery Eggs*, deep fried chicken breast, & sausage gravy $13

Pulled Pork Pancakes
Barrelwood smoked Carlton Farm’s pork shoulder and buttermilk pancakes $12

Stuffed French Toast
New Morning Bakery’s challah bread stuffed with cream cheese and house made preserves $10

Sweet Potato Burrito
Denison sweet potato, Carlton Farms’ pork jowl bacon, and pepperjack, in a flour tortilla, topped with two fried Winn’s Hatchery eggs* smothered in roasted tomato red sauce $13

Chef’s Breakfast *
Two Eggs*, Choice of Bacon, Ham, or Sausage, Home-Fried Potatoes, and Toast $11

Eggs Benedict *
English muffin, poached farm fresh eggs, hollandaise, and choice of homefried potatoes or fresh fruit
Grilled Oregon Ham $12
House Vegetarian Sausage $11.50
Braised Greens & Grilled Marinated Mushroomery Mushrooms $13

Biscuits and Gravy
Freshly baked every weekend! Our large southern-style buttermilk biscuits
covered in Nebula stout sausage gravy $6 / $9

Denver Hash *
Ham, bell peppers, red potato, onion, chive and cheddar cheese topped with 2 eggs any style. Served with toast $13

Belgian Waffle, Challah French Toast, Buttermilk Pancake $4.5
Add two eggs and choice of pepper bacon, sausage, ham, or vegetarian sausage for $5.50

Sides and Baked Goods
Two Farm Fresh Eggs * $2.50
Pepper Bacon, Sausage, Vegetarian Sausage, or Ham $4.50
Home Fried Potatoes or Fresh Fruit $4
Buttermilk Biscuit or English Muffin and Jam $3
Side of Sausage Gravy or Caramelized Onion Gravy $3.50


Crab and Shrimp Hushpuppies
Dungeness and Jonah crab folded with Oregon bay shrimp into a masa-cornmeal batter and fried $9

Bier Bread Pretzel
With House Beer Cheese Sauce $4.50

Harvest Salad
Arcadian greens, toasted pumpkin seeds, mulled Kriek poached pear, roasted butternut squash, Tillamook smoked cheddar, and cranberry vinaigrette $13

Herbed Chevre Soufflé
Alsea Acres chevre, sage and rosemary soufflé, spinach, herbed vinaigrette, pickled red onions, grilled marinated The Mushroomery mushrooms $14

Roast Beef
Roast Painted Hills eye of round, Tillamook sharp cheddar, Oregon wasabi crème fraiche, Winns Hatchery fried egg, on a house bun $14.50

The Pig Press
Apple jack brined roasted Carlton Farm’s pork loin, barrel wood smoked Carlton Farm’s pork shoulder, Tillamook sharp cheddar, pickled apples, and Dijon on Block 15 Bakery’s ale bread $12.50

Artisan Melt
Block 15 Bakery artisan bread, braised winter greens, roasted sweet potato, marinated red onion, Face Rock 12 month white cheddar $12

Painted Hills Beef Burger *
Painted Hills beef, hand formed and served on our toasted bun w/ lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo, with frites $11

Pork Burger
Carlton Farms’ ground pork shoulder, lettuce onion, tomato, and mayo on a toasted bun $11

Warm Spinach Salad
Baby spinach, roasted butternut squash, Alsea Acres’ feta, candied pecans, and warm maple-cider vinaigrette $6.50

Local Greens Salad
Toasted pumpkin seeds, mulled Kriek poached pear, cranberry vinaigrette $5.50

Soup Du Jour
House made from scratch soup
Cup $3.50 Bowl $5

Soup and Salad
Local greens salad and a bowl of soup $10
Upgrade to a spinach salad for $2

Liquid Brunch

Bloody Mary
served with a house made mix, a salted rim, celery and your choice of the following vodkas:
Caves ~ _Slap Tail _Vodka 7.25
Spicy McLain ~ habanero, garlic, & basil Slap Tail Vodka 7.75
Capsaicin ~ Slap Tail Vodka infused with rotating peppers. Hold on to your taste buds! 8

Orange juice with cava sparkling wine 6/9

A half liter filled with orange juice, Absolute Mandarin Vodka, & cava sparkling wine 11.50

Orange juice with Absolute Mandarin Vodka 7.50

Brass Monkey
Orange juice with Pilsner 5.25

Steigl ~ Grapefruit Radler
330ml Beer & Grapefruit soda 5

Irish Coffee
w/ Jameson Irish Whiskey, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Coffee,
& topped with cream 6.50

Hazelnut Coffee
w/ Bend Distillery Hazelnut Vodka, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Coffee & a float of whip 6.50

Orange Juice
$2 / $3.50

_Pacifica _Organic Coffee River Mudd 2.50 Decaf Swiss Harmony 2.50

Loose Leaf Hot Tea Scottish Breakfast, Dao Ren, Raspberry Sunrise, or Evening in Missoula 2.50

House brewed Black Iced tea 2.50
Bottled Mexican Fanta or Sprite 2.50
Can Diet Coke or Coke 2
Steelhead Root Beer 3
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water 3
Fentimans Ginger Beer 3.5

Tuesday to Thursday 4pm – midnight
Friday 4pm – 1am
Saturday & Sunday 9:00am – 1am
Join us for Brunch Saturday & Sunday 9:00am-2pm


Pork Belly Tacos
Dry roasted Carlton Farms’ pork belly, minced onions, Completely Crocked green sauce, cilantro, and lime. 3 for $9.75

Porchetta Sandwich
Roast Carlton Farms pork belly-wrapped pork loin, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and chimichurri on artisan ale bread w/ frites. $14

Roast Quail
Herb roasted Nicky Farms quail, quinoa pilaf, balsamic marinated charred eggplant, and blackberry gastrique. $15

Market Berry Angel Food Cake
Sugared Peoria Farmers Market berries, New Morning Bakery angel food cake, fresh basil, and whipped cream. $9


Bier Bread Pretzel
Handmade by Block 15 Bakery, served with house bier cheese sauce. $4.50

Deviled Pickled Duck Eggs
House pickled deviled Winn Farms duck eggs, topped with crispy prosciutto and Danish blue cheese. 3 for $6

Moules Frites
Ale steamed NW mussels with pommes frites, garlic, shallots, fresh thyme, and fennel. Served with Block 15 Bakery’s ale bread. $12

Shrimp Hushpuppies
Made with Newport bay shrimp. Served with habanero remoulade. $8

Oyster on the ½ Shell
Freshly shucked Pacific NW oyster served with stout mignonette. See your server for today’s variety. $2.50


Served with warm artisan bread. Add Grilled Draper Valley chicken breast for $4.50.

Soupe du Jour
House made from scratch soup. Cup $3.50 / Bowl $5

Caves Soupe Noir
Caramelized pearl onions and The Mushroomery shiitake mushrooms in a dark beef demi-ale broth. Topped with provolone piccante cheese. Cup $4 / Bowl $5.50

Pesto Baby Kale
Baby kale tossed in a creamy herb pesto vinaigrette, with grilled marinated artichokes and a pickled Winn Farms duck egg. $6.50

Farmstead Salad
Mixed baby greens, chive-lager vinaigrette, shaved brussels sprouts, candied Freddy Guys hazelnuts, dried tart cherries, Willamette Valley Cheese Co. farmstead fontina. Small $7 / Large $13


Herbed Chevre Soufflé
Alsea Acres chevre, savory, and chive souffle, baby arugula tossed in herb vinaigrette with marinated artichoke hearts and The Mushroomery shiitake mushrooms. $14

Clam and Chorizo Linguine
Pacific NW manila clams steamed with tomatoes, garlic, shallots, spanish chorizo, fresh oregano, and Oregon Trail Wit bier tossed with butter & fresh linguine. $19

Braised Pork Cheek
Ale braised Carlton Farms’ pork cheek, fried chive and Tillamook cheddar grits cake, and grilled marinated asparagus. $16

Sage Pesto Ravioli
Artichoke and feta ravioli tossed with sage-basil pesto, marinated roasted tomatoes, and Denison Farms zucchini served with artisan bread. $14

Lager Fish and Frites
House beer-battered NW fish with pommes frites, lemon, house tartar. $16.50


All burgers and sandwiches are served with pommes frites. Upgrade to a cup of soup for $1, small farmstead salad or pesto baby kale for $2.

Chicken Melt Sandwich
Draper Valley chicken, rosemary aioli, Tillamook cheddar and swiss, Oregon bacon, lettuce, onion, and tomato on artisan bread. $14

Pesto Portobello Melt
Sage-basil pesto, baby kale, grilled portobellos, Willamette Valley Cheese Co. gouda, mayo, and tomatoes on Block 15 Bakery ale bread. $12.50

Wild Boar Bratwich
Nicky’s wild boar bratwurst, Completely Crocked kimchi, sweet-spicy mustard, and cilantro on artisan bread. $13.50

Painted Hills Burger *
Our own blend of ground Painted Hills beef, hand formed and served on our toasted bun w/ lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo. $11.75

Pork Burger
Carlton Farms’ ground pork shoulder, lettuce onion, tomato, and mayo on a toasted bun. $11.50

Caves Burger
Willamette Valley Cheese Co. gouda, bier caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. $14.25

Pretzel Burger
Stone ground mustard, bier cheese sauce, lettuce, onion, and tomato on a bier pretzel bun. $15.75

Pesto Artichoke Burger
Painted Hills ground beef, sage-basil pesto, mayo, baby kale, grilled marinated artichoke hearts, and Tillamook Cheese Co. swiss. $14.75

Re-Bay Bay Burger
Completely Crocked sauerkraut, russian dressing, and Tillamook swiss. $12.50

Burger Extras

  • Cheddar, Garlic-Cheddar, Swiss, Gouda or Blue cheese $2
  • Bier cheese sauce $.50
  • Bacon $3
  • Fried egg* $1.25
  • Marinated artichoke hearts $1.50
  • Marinated local mushrooms $2
  • Bier caramelized onions $1.50

Available after 5:30pm
Please join us every Sunday evening for buttermilk fried Winn’s Livestock and Hatchery chicken served with mashed potatoes, gravy, and market fresh vegetables

*Health Department Disclosure: These items are cooked to order and may be served raw or undercooked. Though delicious, consuming raw or undercooked meats, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness.

August Specials

Zucchini Caprese
Spring greens, Denison Farms zucchini, heirloom tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella with white balsamic reduction. $7

Pulled Pork Tacos
House barrel wood smoked Carlton Farms pork shoulder, peach salsa, and queso blanco. 3 for $9

12 ounce chipotle-rubbed Carlton Farms pork porterhouse steak, char grilled and served with tarragon smashed potatoes, roasted organic carrots, horseradish creme fraiche, and peach salsa. $23

Lamb BLT
House brined and smoked Anderson Ranches lamb belly, heirloom Tomatoes, lettuce, and rosemary aioli on artisan ale bread. Served with frites $15